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Tensions rise as Tibetans are beaten, 15 August 2012
Protests against the Chinese occupation of Tibet have continued with more self-immolations and public demonstrations.

Hundreds march for Tibet in Geneva, June 19, 2012
Around three-hundred Tibetans and supporters based in Switzerland and Liechtenstein on Monday carried a more 

Tibet: Monk Arrested After Peaceful Protest, June 19 2012
Karma Rabten has disappeared after being detained by Chinese authorities followed extensive surveillance of his more

Chinese Workers Make $8 Per iPad, 16 Feb 2012
1 of 2Chinese workers who produce the iPad make only about $8 per unit, according to Korean Daily. That morePhoto of Tenzin Choedon, teenage Tibetan nun who burnt herself to death.

Tibetan nun sets herself on fire, February 13, 2012 Source: Reuters 
An 18-year-old Tibetan nun died after setting herself on fire in protest at Chinese rule in more

US expresses concern over human rights situation in China, Feb 11: The increasing tension in Tibet and Xinjiang provinces, including self-immolations by more

Would you boycott Apple? (Feb 7 2012) - Take a look at the physical computer monitor you are using to read this newsletter, or take a look at the keyboard, mouse, or computer you more

End Chinese bear-bile farming, says UK animal rights activist
A new campaign says medicine made from bile extracted from caged bears is unethical and may be harmful to more



"I think it is clear that the history of our foreign policy proves that every time we fail to stand for freedom, we meet with disaster."
Bartley Crum, 1947